Sunday, August 5, 2007

Baby Shower!

On July 28, my wonderful mother in law threw a baby shower in my honor. It was very sweet of her and it was really fun. It was a special day surrounded by family and friends who "showered" me with presents for baby Garrett. She picked some fun games, the first one involved passing around a "traveling" gift based on a line from a poem. My friend Leslie won the prize. The 2nd game was one where we had blank lines and a list of words to put together common "mom" sayings, like "You'll poke your eye out" and "Put on a jacket!" I can't remember who won that game. The prizes were nice things from a store here in town called "The Warming House" that has the most beautiful home decorating items. I received a lot of gifts including clothes, diapers, books, toys, a crib blanket/bumper set, a nice ear thermometer and also a baby swing and a travel system (car seat & stroller combo). Everyone really had fun making floats out of ice cream and root beer, orange soda, cream soda or coke. I enjoyed spending time with everyone and getting to know some of Mike's family better. Here are a few pictures if anyone wants to view the rest they are at

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