Friday, June 8, 2007

26 Week Doctor visit

Garrett and I went to see my doc on Wednesday the 6th for the "26th week" visit. I have been going once every four weeks since I was 6 weeks along. I didn't get to see my normal doc because she was on vacation so I saw one of the other docs at the practice. She was very nice but I felt like she rushed me a bit, in and out of the room in less than five minutes. Garrett's heartbeat was 151 beats per minute. My tummy is measuring 30 inches (should be at about 26, which either means I am too fat or baby is BIG!) I have been having what I feel are a lot of contractions, but doc said as long as they stay under 4 an hour to just drink lots of water and stay off my feet as much as I can. I think I can manage that!

He's kicking up a storm today, just wriggling and punching like crazy. I am one week away from starting the third trimester, then the countdown really begins. 14 more weekends to sleep in!

We have our next ultrasound in three weeks, I'm so excited to get to see the little guy again. This one will be one of those really cool new 3d/4d ultrasounds where you can actually see what the baby looks like. I am going to take Alexa and Logan with me on this one on June 28. Can't wait!

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