Thursday, May 3, 2007

The results are in!

Everything looked wonderful as far as the technician could tell us, and the new due date is now September 12 (2 days earlier...yay!) I was a little suprised as I felt like it was a girl, so much for mother's intuition. Daddy is very proud and we are both, of course, excited. It was so cute watching him get all excited when the little guy's bottom flashed across the screen and he saw the boy parts before the ultrasound tech even pointed them out. He about shouted "Are those testicles I see?" and the tech confirmed it by saying "Sure is. It is definitely a boy!"

It was really fascinating to see all his organs, especially when they took pictures of his little beating heart. Mike was really good at figuring out what things were, like the brain etc. I was at an awkward angle and had a hard time making out what was what.

Wish me luck because now the number of males officially outweighs the number of females in our home. Alexa gets to retain her status as my only baby girl. What's scary is realizing she will be a senior in high school when this baby boy starts kindergarden! We still don't know what Logan's reaction will be, he will find out when he gets home from his dads on Sunday.

I'm a little nervous as I've heard only horror stories about what a "spirited" child my hubby was as a toddler. It must have been pretty bad if the whole family still talks about it thirty years later, GULP! Hopefully some of my mellow personality will shall we say calm him down a bit? If not I might have my hands full! I am just glad that I will have a helpful co-parent this time around. I think my hubby will make a wonderful daddy. I have never seen a man so excited. We are officially 20 weeks along now, so we are halfway there and he is ready for the baby to be here now. I, on the other hand, know what to expect with the no more sleeping til 10 on Saturday's, no more sleeping for the next three years; dirty diapers, etc so I am very patient and in no hurry for him to come out. I will probably retract that statement when I'm 9 months along and huge.

If you already participated (or want to) in the online baby pool and want to change your guess now that we know the gender and that the due date was changed here is the link:

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